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Boys and Teen Circumcision

Boys and Teen Circumcision

It is the most clinically trusted and least painful method available for babies and young children. The Plastibell ring method involves very little bleeding since there is minimal cutting needed during the operation. The perfect circular shape of the ring results in a clean surgical line rather than depending on steady hands. The procedure is a quick, straight-forward method of foreskin removal, making it one of the most popular circumcision techniques.

If parents wish, we also do the Circumcision of newborns using Open technique, in which an incision is made and stitches are applied. We commonly use Mogen Clamp for this technique.

Older boys may not be able to have circumcision with the Plastibell device and instead, other surgical methods are used. This depends on the size of the glans (head) of the penis.

At the Rawalpindi Circumcision Clinic, we focus on safety, minimising discomfort and ensuring a good cosmetic outcome for your baby or child. It is with these priorities that we have been able to gain our word-of-mouth reputation in twin cities, a reputation that has kept us busy day after day.

The Rawalpindi Circumcision Clinic uses certified-sterile, disposal (one use only) surgical tools and routinely includes local anaesthetic administration for pain-relief prior to the circumcision. This results in minimal pain for your son.

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What you can expect

My son is older now? When we may get his Circumcision?

We are often asked; “Is my son too old to get circumcised?” and the answer is almost invariably “no”. Boys of all ages have the surgery in our circumcision clinic.

Which anesthesia you will use for Circumcision?

For children in age range of 6 months to 8 years, first our doctor will see and then will decide. Ususally in this age, we do it under General Anesthesia (Complete sedation).

Why you give the general anesthesia in this age group?

In this age group (1 year to 8 years), although some people do it in local anesthesia, but we dont do it and we do it in general anesthesia (complete sedation), so that child should not feel pain. Also research has shown that painful traumatic experiences in this age ahve long-term effects over personality of child. Therefore we dont recommend any procedure of children in this age in local anesthesia. This is according to international recommendations. Although parents feel that general anesthesia (complete sedation) must not be given, but we strongly recommend you that don’t go for local anesthesia for Circumcision of your child in this age at any cost, and from anywhere. If there are any queries, please feel free to ask.